Courtney and Lance wanted to have a small celebration of their wedding in Houston.  Their ceremony day was supposed to be rainy according to the wedding app, but it turned out that their day was bright and full of sunshine.  I have asked Courtney and Lance to share their love story.  Here is what Courtney has sent me
“After both having served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Lance and Courteney both went up to study at BYUI in Idaho without having previously known each other. Lance, being from Parker, Colorado and Courteney from Livingston, Texas. The first day of their English class that they had together Lance noticed Courteney and planned on asking her out for ice cream the next time he saw her so he did. That very Saturday of the first week of the semester they went out for ice cream and then a bonfire. They continued to see each other and date every single day spending hours together getting to know each other. Having a strong relationship with Heavenly Father they individually and personally prayed when they both started feeling that they were to be each others eternal companions and both received a clear yes. They have ever since spent much time getting to know each other and falling deeply in love from late night runs to get fruity pebbles for Court’s random craving, to Court learning the skills of Lance’s favorite video game. It has been incredible getting to know each other more and more, struggle together, fight together, learn together, and grow together. We continue to do these things every single day and we love to continue to do them. Next thing we knew, we were engaged, and planning a wedding. And what seemed very quickly we were sealed in the Houston, Texas, temple, to begin eternity together as husband and wife! Thank you so much Anastasia for capturing so many timeless moments that we will having hanging on the walls of our home and be cherishing forever. We wish the very best for you!!”
What a beautiful and inspiring story!

Such a beautiful wedding. And the bride is absolutely stunning