How they met
So our story…. 
We have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We met early on in elementary school when I moved to the same neighborhood he lived in. My brother and he instantly became best friends and still are to this day. Throughout the rest of elementary school and junior high we grew closer and closer and he became my best guy friend. By the time high school came, we each were in separate relationships (with each other’s best friends). Our whole families had been telling us we were meant to be together, but I could just never see it. We would spend so much time together just us two but it was something so special I couldn’t even describe. We went to college, he moved to Michigan, but we never lost touch. We’d call pretty often to check in and see what was new and anytime he’d come home we made it a point to hang out (but ALWAYS as just friends!). I always knew how special he was to me but I realized it even more when my dad suddenly became terminally ill with cancer. Jeff was there for me, like I knew he would be, but being states away he made it feel like he was right there whenever I needed him. The day my dad passed, one of the first calls I made was to Jeff. His family immediately flew him home and he was there for me through and through. Some more years passed, which lead us both to pretty serious relationships and I kind of thought our time for each other may have passed. Maybe we missed the mark? Well…. a few years later those relationships we were in, ended. We were planning a friend-cation to Canada, only to find out none of our friends could actually go. I was off of work and he still wanted to go so we said let’s just do it. We drove to Canada as friends and that’s when it all began. We didn’t know how to return- do we go back as just Jeff and just Mandy? Or are we Jeff AND Mandy?! He said whenever I was ready, he wanted to take me on a date. Well we were home a whole maybe 2 days and I said I was ready. And the rest is history…. 
Vendors Include
Dress: Exquisite Bride 
Hair: Gretchen Angelicchio 
Bridal Make up: Taylor Smail 
Bridesmaids makeup: Victoria Dobson 
Food: Elegant Catering
Floral: Green Sinner 
Chair rental: All Occasion Party Rentals
Planner: Devoted To You 
Invitations: RSVP Monograms & More
Music: Bachelor Boys Band