How they met:


Courtney and Andrew first met in the University of Pittsburgh’s Bookstore. She was a nursing major and he was a Chemical Engineering major. They were both looking at anesthesia books and Andrew struck up a conversation with Courtney. They both had a mutual interest in the field of science and after chatting for ace hike in the bookstore they decided to take a walk through the park in the middle of campus, Schenley Park. They talked  for about 3 hours sitting under the nice Fall sun. A discussion turned to sharing a waffle from Waffleonia. Casual conversations turned into studying together at The Cathedral of Learning. Studying turned into fun and there was less studying going on and more fun occurring. Study sessions turned into opportunities to see who could make the best paper airplane and whose airplane could fly the farthest. Courtney found herself getting behind in studying and Andrew found himself more interested in dating her. Andrew was persistent in asking Courtney out and Courtney wasn’t interested in dating because she was so busy with school. At the urging of her mother and good friend Courtney decided to go out on a date. After all, she did enjoy being with him.

Courtney: I told Andrew this and he understood but was still persistent. A couple months passed of talking off and on, the semester was finally over and I was all caught up. Andrew asked me out again and I was a little unsure, but my mom and friend told me to give him a chance, he seemed like a nice guy.

Talking with Andrew was so easy and comfortable.  Every time they were together time would fly by. He would soon became the first person Courtney would call with any news. He quickly became her best friend.  They discovered chemistry between them and their first date turned into many more. Andrew will forever be Courtney’s airplane throwing, ice skating, movie watching, best friend. 


Vendors Include:


Heinz Memorial Chapel

Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Music Hall 

Allison McGeary Florist 

Cityscape Orchestra

Molly’s Trolley – Wedding Trolley 

Hair and Makeup – Allison Roth – Allison Roth Studio and Elizabeth Sheehan

Bridal Beginnings for Bridal Gown and Bridesmaid Gowns

Shannopin Country Club for Rehearsal Dinner