Family session in nature can be a challenge, but it is also a lot of fun and lots of beautiful memories! If you have toddlers or infants here are some things to remember to make your session much easier.
1.  Relax and have fun Do not try to rush things, as children will not always follow your agenda, in fact they have their own agenda, rather be positive and make it all about them and your relationship as a family.
2.  Put some bug spray on   Apply a repellent before your session, this way your baby will be safe from ticks and bugs as they run or sit on the grass.
3.  Bring water and snacks Children will get hungry, have some snacks available, we will make some stops and feed them with no rush.
4.  If you think a stroller would be helpful, bring it with! You can always put all your heavy bags in it and let the baby sit in the shade if needed to walk from one spot to another.
5.  If your child is three or above you can prepare them way before the session, talk to them, tell them what session is going to be about, promise them a small gift and don’t forget to fulfill your promise.

Wow amazing job ! love this family so much! You are very talented!

Great photos Anastasia! Love the lighting. Beautiful family and great captured emotions

Very beautiful family. Love this family session

What a gorgeous family session love these!

Beautiful happy moments! They will treasure these pictures forever!

Beautiful happy moments! Trey will cherish these pictures forever!

What a wonderful family session! Love the backlit!

What a beautiful and happy family! So lovely family portraits!