Newborn Life Style sessions are absolutely my favorite.  Your newborn child is a new beginning and every single family member is a part of your own unique story.  Your little child will never fit into your arms the same way again. There is a certain timeframe where you can freeze this story in time and enjoy it for the rest of your life in your family album.
There is no need to go anywhere, no need to rush or worry about logistics.  It all happens within your own home.
Your baby is relaxed and calm in the environment that he or she already knows.  All we need is to dress all family members and choose a good spot like your bedroom or your living room.
As a mom of three I cherish the most the moments of all my family members having relationships and spending
quality time together.  Those moments are most precious and most valuable for me personally.  I hope that you share the same value of priceless moments frozen in time – first smile, first touch, that sweet milky smell, that soft silky skin, and precious kisses and hugs.